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Mist Spray for Rooms & Linens | Fragonia & Sandalwood | 150ml


Freshen, fragrance and purify your space with Australian botanicals.  Powerful essential oils kill airborne bacteria and can be used to disinfect all surfaces including fabrics.  Can be used to refresh clothes when steaming and impart a beautiful scent on linen and bedding.  Lab tested to at least the standard 'kills 99.9% of germs'.

Bondi Wash tip: Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender Mist Spray is the same formulation as the Hand Sanitiser Spray and can be used the same way - on hands, on surfaces and in the air to kill germs including the flu virus.  This is the scent to purchase if you want to use the Mist Spray as a Hand Sanitiser - all the Mist Sprays are anti-bacterial but this scent it is less sticky for hands.

Ingredients: Purified water, plant-derived alcohol, plant-derived emulsifier, Australian bush oils, essential oils, food-grade preservatives.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender formulation is identical to the Hand Spray - so meets all the relevant independent lab tests ('kills 99.99% of bacteria, influenza and coronavirus' - read details here).  The other formulations are different and not specifically designed for hands (they will be stickier) but they do meet the lab test standard 'kills 99.9% of germs'.



BONDI WASH combines the power and fragrance of unique Australian botanicals with a luxurious mix of other essential oils and natural ingredients to bring a new range of truly distinctive products that are good for you, the planet and your home. The range harnesses the natural anti-bacterial properties of Australian botanicals to effectively kill germs on the body, in the air and on surfaces. Many of the products are independently lab tested to confirm they 'kill 99.99% of germs' including the flu virus.

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